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Cole Hire Self Drive Refrigerated Vans in London and Luton Van Hire in London

Wedding Dress Transportation

There can be no single item of clothing that has more personal value to the wearer than a wedding dress and the wedding dresses of celebrities can be worth eye-watering amounts of money too. Another recent garment van hire project was the collection and delivery of the wedding dresses of several very famous women on behalf of a leading event organiser. This assignment required one of our own drivers to pick up these fabulous bridal creations along with other superb fashion clothing from a number of locations and deliver them in perfect condition to the London fashion show venue for prominent display.

Cole Hire’s superb range of specialist vehicles is available via attractive short, medium or long term rental designed to suit the needs of your business. Garment vans are currently a really popular option, with some rental customers coming from far beyond the West London area where we are based. It seems that very few vehicle rental operations can offer garment rail van hire to match our superior standards.

Call Cole Hire to book your Garment Van Hire across London on 020 8568 0733, email or BOOK.