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Cole Hire Self Drive Refrigerated Vans in London and Luton Van Hire in London

Film Locations Van Hire

Film Locations Self Drive Van Hire

Movie making requires a huge amount of backup, not least on the catering side. So many people are present at film locations. This includes actors, directors and film crew. In addition, there are the people who look after props and costumes, produce special effects or perform other key roles. Everyone needs to be fed and watered on a busy film set.

That’s where Cole Hire cold storage rental can play its part. Our fleet of single and dual compartment Mercedes refrigerated vehicles are an ideal support for organisers. Having to produce for the big screen is an event that invariably requires a major logistics exercise. We want to do everything we can to ease this effort with our van hiring services.

How are these useful on film locations?

Cold storage rental using high quality refrigerated vehicles provides a completely portable temperature controlled environment. This can be moved, parked, plugged-in, unplugged and moved on again at need. The star performers in our 145-strong vehicle fleet, Cole Hire’s refrigerated vehicles can play an important backstage role in the studio or on location.

Sensitive temperature adjustment provides safe, secure and hygienic conditions for a wide range of items. From flowers to pizzas, or from chilled drinks to ice cream, we can help. A refrigerated vehicle provides a cold storage rental system that is mobile, compact and convenient. This is far more appropriate for the fast moving world of the film industry than a cumbersome cold storage container.

Cole Hire’s Middlesex location is close to the major film production studios of Pinewood and Shepperton, and we pride ourselves on being able to meet the demands of any big occasion. We will work with the customer to ensure that their cold storage rental requirements are met in every detail through flexible short and long-term rental solutions backed up by the highest quality advice and personal service. We will adapt and modify our services to suit changing demands. Moviemaking is a dynamic business subject to many pressures and we ensure that our contribution assists talented people to focus on their exciting projects without any catering support hassles.

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